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In 2015, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to be achieved by 2030.

Brands are at the core of sustainability issues. In every sector, the question of sustainability arises. In this context, SDG’s can maximize the positive impact of their activities and help companies to reconcile their own interests with those of people and society.

- How to improve the sustainability of a company?

- How to communicate digitally without greenwashing?

During an entire afternoon, PUB invites you to meet national and international specialists who will take turns on stage during a trilingual conference (FR-EN-Dutch). This will be followed by a walking dinner animated by speadcoaching sessions with our experts.

See you on the 25th of October at 5, avenue Ariane, 1200 Brussels.

>>> Learn about our speakers and discover our programme.

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Start: 25 October 2018
End: 25 October 2018

Avenue Ariane 5, Arianelaan 5, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Belgique, België

Avenue Ariane, Arianelaan 5
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert/Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe Brussel


Pierre-Loïc Nihoul

SDG’s, the economic approach for a sustainable positioning
Ocean Consulting, Octavius
Pierre-Loïc Nihoul
  • Pierre-Loïc Nihoul

    " The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide organisations with technical guidance for their sustainable development. How should they translate those 17 pillars in a sustainable communication strategy ? "

    Graduated from business schools, Pierre-Loïc Nihoul is a communication and public relations advisor. Prior to Octavius and Ocean Consulting, founded in 2017, he was working for consultancies and agencies in Paris and Brussels. He produced European Commission conferences and events during 8 years, and coordinated notorious public relations programmes related to sustainable development. Self-starter, result-oriented, creative, Pierre-Loïc is a committed and passionate stakeholder relations expert. An active member of international communication and sustainable development networks, Pierre-Loïc frequently gives communication lectures in universities and high schools.

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Nicolas Lambert

Le partenariat, le meilleur ami des marques
Fairtrade Belgium
Nicolas Lambert
  • Nicolas Lambert

    " Competition between brands is a reality but when faced with enormous challenges and complex objectives partnerships are very promising... "

    Nicolas Lambert is director of Fairtrade Belgium (previously known as Max Havelaar) since June 2016. He is also professor of marketing at the Louvain School of Management (UCL).

    Nicolas spend almost 20 years in various marketing positions in the FMCG sector both in Belgium and at European level, working for Unilever, AB Inbev and Heineken (Alken-Maes).

    In 2010 he was voted Marketer of the Year by Trends and STIMA and Advertiser Personality of the Year by PUB and UBA. He was president of STIMA in the period leading to the merger with IAB and BDMA to form BAM (Belgium Association of Marketing), Belgium's leading marketing association.

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Michael Adler

Moving brains, moving people – Frames, nudges and stories on sustainable mobility in the future
Fairkehr & Tipping Point
Michael Adler
  • Michael Adler

    " Our automotive DNA dominates our vision of mobility. We need to use a very intelligent and emotional communication to move towards sustainable, easy, fast and fun mobility "

    Michael Adler (born 1962) is a political scientist and journalist.

    He has worked for several magazines in the sustainability and local policy sector. He is currently editor-in-chief of the magazine “fairkehr” as well as the director of the publishing company of the same name. fairkehr aims to encourage people to make more sustainable and healthier choices when it comes to mobility.

    In 2012, Adler founded tippingpoints, the agency for sustainable communications with offices in Bonn and Berlin. fairkehr and tippingpoints have developed acclaimed campaigns at national and local level to promote sustainable mobility and to raise awareness about climate protection. Their clients include the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

    Michael Adler is a member of several expert boards, an event moderator and popular speaker at German and international conferences. As a published author he has written several books and articles on the topics of mobility and environmental issues. tippingpoints is a founding member of “Do not smile”, a European network consisting of nine communication agencies committed to addressing sustainability issues.

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Stefaan Vandist

post-authenticiteit voor merken
Trendwatcher & innovation consultant on sustainability
Stefaan Vandist
  • Stefaan Vandist

    " Thanks to new scientific and technological knowledge, innovative brands are able to develop a new generation of products with a considerable lead in terms of price, ease of use, health and durability."

    Stefaan Vandist started his career as brand strategist at Belgium’s most rewarded advertising agency Duval Guillaume. Today he works for big and small organizations as an independent trend and innovation consultant. He moderates design sprints, future explorations and trend analysis to empower innovation processes in result driven ways and a broad creative scope.

    In his first book We, Myself and A.I. (Lannoo Publishing), he travelled the world with his colleague trendwatcher Herman Konings to explore disruptive innovations in various industries. The conclusion is that the new harmony of social, emotional and artificial intelligence provides the potential for a positive future with bright perspectives for all of us.

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Vincent Pittard

E-réputation et communication responsable : vos parties prenantes sont vos pompiers et vos pyromanes
Reputation 365
Vincent Pittard
  • Vincent Pittard

    " E-reputation can't be cleaned it must be built in an ethical and transparent way "

    Vincent Pittard (born in 1972) is a consultant in e-reputation and digital strategy.

    A lawyer by training, he quickly branched into entrepreneurship and the Internet 20 years ago.

    In 2014, he launched the REPUTATION 365 agency to support managers and their employees in their digital transformation and help them to manage their reputation on the Internet. He's convinced that e-reputation cannot be cleaned, it should be built, in an ethical and transparent way.

    He is also a lecturer in Brussels and Geneva on topics related to online reputation (digital identity, digital influence, employer branding, bad buzz, etc.).

    In 2018, his book "Votre image sur Internet ? à vous de jouer !" was published by Edipro.

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Erik Eklund

Connecting Humans: the art of authentic communication​
Connecting Humans - Linkedin Local
Erik Eklund
  • Erik Eklund

    " How to use storytelling, authenticity and vulnerability to attract the right customers, build strong relationships and build loyalty in their target market."

    After 12 years across 9 countries from China to the USA, often the youngest with a leadership role in companies such as Louis Vuitton and Shangri-La Hotels, with the mission to advance their teams, Erik started his own business. Now, he gives speeches and coaching to individuals and senior management teams for brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Deloitte.

    Within a year he has been quoted as an “electric keynote speaker and muse” and internationally recognized for his “no bullshit” approach and ability to “put a positive spin on everything he does.” He empowers you as a human to be unstoppable living your full potential, and he invites you to explore the outward mindset in leadership and communications to create a world of fulfillment.

    In 2017 Erik was recognized as one of Europe’s top influencers on LinkedIn as the Founder of Connecting Humans and Co-Founder of LinkedIn Local.

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Astrid Leyssens

Do's and Don'ts in durzaame marketing
Do Good Companies
Astrid Leyssens
  • Astrid Leyssens

    " Astrid will present the do’s and don’ts in marketing of sustainability. Should we embrace fear, warnings, rational arguments in our sustainability communications or should we go for ego, group pressure, lifestyle and positive messages? "

    Astrid Leyssens is founder of "Do Good Marketing" which provides marketing and CSR consultancy for scaling NGO’s, start-ups and other companies that want to do the right thing. Astrid has a background in marketing for purpose companies.

    She holds master degrees in economics and marketing and is currently working on a CSR degree. She is a seasoned impact investor in Asia, Europa and Africa and studied impact investing at Oxford University. She is a true believer of business as a force for good. Astrid is active in the board of We Forest and acts as Co-President in the Belgian Marketing Association for its Hub Marketing and Society to facilitate more marketeers towards doing good.

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Willem Sleurs

Tony’s Talk: crazy about chocolate, serious about people
PAB Benelux
Willem Sleurs
  • Willem Sleurs

    “ Discover how Tony’s Chocolonely is engaging people throughout the world to be crazy about chocolate and serious about people. Only together we can make chocolate 100% slave free ”

    Managing brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Becel, Magnum within a global group as Unilever or bringing unique brands like Tabasco, Innocent Drinks, Kikkoman, Ponti or Tony’s Chocolonely to the Benelux with PAB Benelux, an FMCG broker, has given Willem the strong believe that marketing thrives on positively impacting the business, people, and environment around us by fostering optimism among people to enable meaningful change.

    He strongly believes that creativity has a transformational power to turn even the smallest of ideas into greatness: creating something that engages people, touches them in a truly unique way, captivating their interest and making them understand the value of it.

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​Jacques van den Biggelaar

​Jacques van den Biggelaar
  • ​Jacques van den Biggelaar

    Jacques van den Biggelaar was born on that day in April 1960 when men presented the first vehicle in history designed to visit Mars. Since then, he has never ceased to be interested in the craziest inventions, the most improbable technologies and the most frapadingual projects. This graduate of the School of Journalism in Leuven is passionate about the land and its people. For 34 years, he has been telling the little stories of this planet to the viewers of the Belgian channel RTL tvi. He is also the proud father of four children.

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